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Why Sneakers


 Not having shoes is not a big problem for children in Africa. "If kids did not have shoes, they are just running around barefoot and they are happy and they are fine." However, the problem occurs when they get serious cuts and infections; they get sick, miss school, and cannot support their families. Considering that 576 million people around the world suffer from hookworm, which is a parasite that enters the body through bare feet and affects the small intestine and lung, Philly Green Man intends to solve one of the biggest problems of African children, offering them a better chance to spend a healthy and more comfortable childhood.


Philly Greenman

Ways To Help

Donate Sneakers

Donate Financially



We have several ways that you can assist us in providing sneakers to children in need.  First, you can contact us if you have sneakers that you longer need.  Then put those sneakers in a bag and leave them on your porch.  Our people will pick them up.

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Your donation will help us acquire more sneakers for needed children throughout the world.  This will help with acquiring vehicles to help with pickup, containers to ship these sneakers throughout the world and help cover expenses in getting them to various villages.

We need volunteers throughout the City that will assist in collecting sneakers from residents and designated drop-off locations.  In addition, we need volunteers who can assist in administration and logistics. Any help is welcome.


To keep abreast of our journey!

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